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Spare Parts

Genuine Spare Parts

CSPT Automotive Solutions can supply genuine spare parts from productions and inventories worldwide through regional stock locations.

This results in the best overall pricing and delivery, reducing the downtime for vehicles critical to your work.


The sheer variety of tire sizes, types and patterns makes for a challenging task in identifying and procuring the best tires for your vehicles. We can assist you with the necessary information, ensuring the right tires arrive at your facility on time – with CSPT Automotive Solutions, your vehicles stay on the road.

With preferred agreements in place with the world’s leading tire manufacturers, you can meet all your tire needs with CSPT Automotive Solutions at competitive prices.

As an authorized distributor, we offer tires directly from the production line with fast delivery from bulk stock in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

For further details please contact us; our sales team will help you identify the most cost effective tire choices – we are always happy to help.

Oil & Lubricants

To protect against engine wear and vehicle downtime, you must have the right lubricants for your vehicles. A minor oversight can lead to unnecessary equipment damage and disproportionate expense. Allow us to assess your requirements and provide the most cost-efficient solutions for your project.

CSPT Automotive Solutions offer an extensive range of oils and lubricants: motor oil, anti-freeze and radiator products, brake fluids, power steering products, automatic transmission products, fuel additives, spray lubricants, greases and gear oil, engine and parts cleaners, maintenance products and more.

For further details please contact our highly trained sales team, experts in the oil and lubricant market – we are always happy to help.

Oil & Lubricants


Power, performance and reliability are the most important factors for determining the quality of an automotive battery. CSPT Automotive Solutions offers a comprehensive range of stored electrical energy products and solutions for transportation applications.

We provide yet more value to customers that enhance vehicle performance and fleet utilization. We have a large portfolio of the world’s most successful brands including VARTA, ACDelco, Optima and Exide, that cover heavy-duty truck, agricultural and marine applications, new technologies for hybrid vehicles and high volt automotive applications, and motive-power applications including lift trucks, mining and other commercial vehicles.

For further details and advice on the best battery solutions for your fleet, please contact our highly trained sales team – we are always happy to help.

OEM Parts

CSPT Automotive Solutions are the authorized distributor and supplier of OEM parts for a number of world renowned brands such as ARB, IRONMAN, Old Man Emu, TRW, Motorcraft and MOPAR to mention a few.

Parts may be cross referenced and alternatives established depending on your requirements – to find you the most cost effective yet reliable spare parts solution.

CSPT Automotive Solutions

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