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CSPT has extensive experience in working with the Private and Commercial sectors.

CSPT Automotive Solutions has extensive experience working with the private and commercial sector. We know that a fully operational fleet is always essential to enable our customers to run their operations efficiently and effectively.

CSPT Automotive Solutions will work closely with you to identify and provide the best possible vehicles and spare parts solutions to fit your specific requirements.

CSPT Private & Commercial
CSPT Private & Commercial

CSPT is an experienced sub-contractor

We have more than 50 years combined experience working in Africa and other developing regions – including Afghanistan and Iraq. We offer tried and tested vehicle and spare part solutions to government and military clients. By partnering with leading manufacturers we provide the best pricing and delivery solutions till the products reach the end destination.
CSPT Automotive Solutions strives to be the natural choice when vehicles and spare parts are required. We have successfully supported and supplied to fleets containing over 20,000 vehicles, and we provide a variety of cost efficient – and if required, specially modified – defense vehicles, light vehicles, buses and trucks to support any operation.
Apart from specializing in providing fleet solutions in austere environments, with assistance from our sister company we can offer end-to-end fleet management solutions including after sales maintenance and support. Being a certified small business enterprise, CSPT Automotive Solutions is strategically positioned to compliment your business needs.

Aid & Development


CSPT Automotive Solutions is proud to work successfully with some of the largest UN and non-governmental organizations.

We cooperate closely with UN and NGO headquarters and we have built strong relationships with regional offices worldwide.

We are dedicated to creating the best possible value-chain in terms of vehicle and genuine spare parts and supply.

Aid & Development

CSPT Automotive Solutions

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