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In The Community

Community Projects

At CSPT Automotive Solutions we are committed to supporting the countries of the developing world.

Our objective is to assist communities in a way that creates opportunities, promotes growth and builds a happier, healthier society.

We partner with Anawim Ministries of Uganda to support Bishop’s Cup Mission, involving youths from various Ugandan communities.

The cup is an initiative program that uses soccer as a vehicle of change – an attractive way of engaging the attention of young people and providing a platform for teamwork.

Charity Drive 2015: Funding Social care

CSPT Automotive Solutions is committed to supporting charitable cause in the countries where we are actively involved.

Our chosen charity for 2015 is Window of Hope Orphanage based in center of Kabul, Afghanistan’s war torn capitol.

Window of Hope which started in 2003, is a non-government organization catering to mentally disabled orphaned children. WOH provides care and cover to almost thirty disabled Afghan children, most of whom are victims of war.

The CSPT staff opened their arms with reckless abandon and graciously supported the drive by donating clothes, toiletries, school supplies, toys and games and school bags.

John Banke, CEO of CSPT Automotive Solutions, said: “I think it is events like these that draw people’s attention to this serious problem of lack of Social Care in Afghanistan and the resources needed by organizations such as window of hope to support and establish care systems for these young children. It was CSPT’s first initiative in Afghanistan and we are planning to continue it in the forthcoming years”

Ms. Frozan Haidari, Managing Director, Window of Hope, expressed her sincere gratitude to the management and staff of CSPT Automotive Solutions for our support and generosity.

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