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Garsite Aviation Refueling Equipment

Garsite Aviation Refueling Equipment

CSPT Automotive Solutions is the Official Distributor of Garsite Aircraft Refueling Products for AFRICA and other approved markets.

Garsite aircraft refuelers and hydrant dispensers have been the refuelers of choice by major in-to-plane fueling companies, oil companies, airlines, freight distribution companies, and fuel marketers around the globe. Garsite refuelers and aviation fueling systems in-service every day at nearly every major U.S. airport and in over 80 countries on 6 continents.


Garsite manufactures several models of aircraft refuelers, ranging in size from 750 gallons (2,800 liters) to 15,000 gallons (57,000 liters), and hydrant dispensers with flow rates up to 1200 GPM / 4,500 LPM.

Oil Companies, Fuel Marketers, Airlines and Government Organizations and Freight Delivery Companies rely on Garsite engineering to produce the highest quality aviation refuelers.

Jet Refuelers

Garsite has been a world leading provider jet aircraft refuelers for more than 60 years.

Garsite’s refuelers are known for our superb engineering, numerous built-in features and are designed for reliability, ease of maintenance while meeting NFPA 407 and ATA 103 guidelines. These refuelers also meet DOT 406 and JIG specifications when required.

3000 Gallon Jet Refueler Spec Sheet           5000 Gallon Jet Refueler Spec Sheet

7000 Gallon Jet Refueler Spec Sheet           10,000 Gallon Jet Refueler Spec Sheet

Towable Hydrant Carts

Garsite’s towable hydrant dispensers are engineered for ease-of-operation, for exceptional reliability, and were specifically designed to minimize maintenance.

To date, Garsite has manufactured more than 600 towable hydrant carts which are currently in-service around the world.

Towable Hydrant Dispenser Spec Sheet


Truck Mounted Hydrant Dispensers

Garsite provides the highest quality truck-mounted hydrant dispensers available, backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Garsite engineers custom design the refueling equipment to meet stringent guidelines, and units are assembled to specifications required by major oil companies around the globe.

Mid-lift Truck Mounted Hydrant Dispenser Spec Sheet

Your Solution

CSPT can customize and provide the best suitable airport chassis to be used with the refuelers as per customer’s needs and specifications.


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