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CSPT Automotive Solutions. Your partner for fleet solutions, spare parts and logistics.

At CSPT Automotive Solutions we know our clients can’t afford logistical delays, faults or supply line obstructions; you require a partner that understands your company’s transport needs as well as you do yourself – or perhaps even better.

Operating a large fleet is time consuming, expensive and requires constant management, but with the support of CSPT Automotive Solutions, our clients resolve vehicle and spare parts issues efficiently – we bring the automotive solutions that allow you to get the job done. Over the years CSPT Automotive Solutions has worked with some of the largest organizations worldwide, including the United Nations, various government contractors including the US State Department and Department of Defense, as well as the mining, drilling and gas industries. We deliver particular expertise supporting companies with projects in developing countries.

Based on manufacturer agreements with some of the largest US, Japanese and European brands – including Navistar, Mack, Chrysler, Bluebird, Suzuki and Renault Trucks – CSPT Automotive Solutions provides you with a complete value proposition that incorporates competitive pricing, freight consolidation across major brands and reliable logistical solutions globally. We are vehicle and spare parts specialists and our one stop strategy makes CSPT Automotive Solutions unique in an increasingly competitive international environment.

CSPT Automotive Solutions stands out for the experience, knowledge and drive we bring to every business relationship – we create solutions that meet and exceed client expectations time and again.

CSPT Automotive Solutions

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